Season II

“Snapshots…” Episode 2/4 ~ Jose “Puchy” Gonzalez Silva

Cuban exile Jose “Puchy” Gonzalez Silva, speaks about his experience as a political prisoner in Cuba. Dr. Lilia Fontana, Executive Directrix of Fire Haus Projects, interviewed Mr. Gonzalez Silva about his life in Cuba and his transition to being an exile in Miami, Florida. A question and answer session from the online audience follows the interview.

Season I

“Snapshots…” Episode 1/1 ~ Marilyn Morales

This Zoom presentation, recorded on May 14, 2020, is the first in a series of lectures presented by Fire Haus Projects. Lilia Fontana, Executive Directrix of Fire Haus Projects, hosted featured speaker Marilyn Morales, creator of the new musical about the Cuban-American experience, “Always Remember.” Ms. Morales talked about her inspirations and motivations to create this work. Selected musical excerpts from “Always Remember” were shown. Ms. Fontana previewed selected photos from her photographic exhibition entitled “Snapshots from the Cuban Diaspora – an Odyssey in Images.” A lively Q & A session from the Zoom attendees followed the talk.

“Snapshots…” Episode 1/2 ~ Vivian Pérez

Host: Lilia Fontana. Vivian Pérez, Owner and Director of Art Emporium and Adjunct Professor of Humanities at Miami Dade College, talks about her experience as a Cuban exile. Short video clips of her famous father, Leopoldo Fernandez, also known as “Tres Patines” or “Pototo,” a Cuban comic icon, are presented. This lecture is conducted with some sections in English and others in Spanish. Towards the end of this one-hour presentation, there is a recorded Q & A session.

“Snapshots…” Episode 1/3 ~ Alina Diaz

Alina Diaz shares photographs and stories from her experience as a Cuban exile. She discusses her work as a promoter of the arts and artists through Casa Artali, her gallery in Miami, Florida.