Always Remember, the definitive new musical about the Cuban-American experience, premieres on Thanksgiving weekend, 2022 at the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center! 

In development for over two decades, this epic full-scale work by Marilyn Morales, a Cuban-born American, follows a family’s struggle to leave Castro’s Cuba – and reunite after being separated by forces beyond their control. 

Entertaining, uplifting and enlightening, this great musical speaks to the ageless plight of all refugees. With an intriguing narrative, rich musical score and bold dialogue – delivered by world-class performers – Always Remember has something for everyone!

“A new musical that promises to be a hit…”

Gloria Burns, Miami’s Community Newspapers

“Rarely does a work … shout for joy with all the necessary professional ingredients of a successful commercial musical like Marilyn Morales’ Always Remember. Keep your eye on this one. It’s destined for a big future.”

Lorraine Lucciola, Arts & Entertainment Writer, New England

“…she captures so much of the Cuban story in a vital and intimate way!”

Rorianne Schrade, concert pianist, music reviewer, New York, NY

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“Snapshots from the Cuban Diaspora – An Odyssey in Images” is a series of lectures and exhibitions. 

This endeavor is in honor of the generation of refugees fleeing Cuba at the onset of the Castro revolution as well as the families that came after. The underlying theme of this event series is to communicate the trajectory of the assimilation of refugees from their homeland into their adopted country. The title of this series was originally inspired by the concept behind “Always Remember” the new original musical by Marilyn Morales. This project emerged over the course of many years of preparation of images and selecting process for Ms. Morales’ musical.


Welcome to World Walks! 

This collaboration between Fire Haus Projects and The Unconservatory was inspired during the pandemic by our need to connect, one conversation at a time. World Walks is an entertaining and enlightening series of conversations with artists and educators, in their own unedited words and images. Won’t you join us for a virtual walk?

A Completely Apolitical, Non-confrontational, Family friendly, International Holiday Celebration! 

…with your hosts, Kirk Whipple & Marilyn Morales, Pianists & Composers, Miami, FL & Onset, MA Steve Bruner, Master of Ceremonies, Santa Rosa, CA

 Craig Wheeler, Baritone & Ukelele, Port St. Lucie, FL

Jorge Rodriguez, Trumpet, Miami, FL

Juan Valdes, Bass, Miami, FL 

Horacio Gomez, Drums, Miami, FL 

Maureen Hurley, Poet, Sebastopol, CA 

Donald Quan, Guzheng & Mighty Wurlitzer, Toronto, Canada 

Marinel Cruz, Soprano, Miami, FL 

Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa, Tenor, Miami, FL 

Basinia Shulman, Piano, Moscow, Russia 

Mark Sole-Lerís, Piano, Nice, France 

Caterine Naget, Alto Saxophone, Nice, France 

Elizabeth Eccles, Soprano, Chesapeake, VA 

David Eccles, Cello, Atlanta, GA 

Michael Simpson, Tenor, Orlando, FL 

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